At Bel, responsibility to society extends to responsible purchasing

Bel is committed to seven best practices with its suppliers through its Sustainable Purchasing Charter:

  1. Fair treatment for all
  2. Impartial selection
  3. Confidentiality and respect for intellectual property
  4. Support for improving the performance of its suppliers
  5. Communication transparency
  6. Encouragement of local economic development
  7. Dependency non-acceptance

In addition, Bel's purchasing process includes a regular evaluation of its suppliers and sub-contractors. Led by EcoVadis, a partner that specializes in the responsible purchasing field, the assessment is based on 21 indicators grouped around four themes, including the environment, society, supplier ethics, and supply chain ethics. In 2014, 57% of purchases in value terms (excluding milk collection) were made with suppliers assessed by EcoVadis, with a target of 60% set for 2015.

Bel assessed by EcoVadis

Just as Bel has its suppliers assessed for Corporate Social Responsibility, Bel subjects itself to the same evaluation every two years. With a score of 65 out of 100 in 2013, Bel ranked among the top 9% of the highest scoring companies. The Group will be re-evaluated in 2015.

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