Bel Morocco lowers the environmental impact of its transport

Since November 2014, Bel Morocco has been experimenting with reusing its export containers for finished goods. Instead of leaving empty, some of the containers that deliver raw materials to the Bel's plant in Tangiers leave with finished goods destined for export markets. Each reused container saves 80 kilometers of travel. The goal is to reuse 10% to 20% of export container capacity by the end of 2015. By achieving a reuse rate of 20%, Bel Morocco believes it can reduce its CO2 emissions by 20 metric tons annually, while generating savings of €35,000.

"We decided to take a gradual approach," says Abdelmajid Blal, Bel Morocco's Supply Chain General Manager. "Starting with limited volumes has enabled us to solve any problems that might arise and to continue offering quality service to our customers. The initial results are very encouraging."

For more information, please see the CSR Report