Bel Morocco's treatment plant improves impact on water

Bel encourages the use of plants to treat wastewater. More than half the Group's manufacturing sites are outfitted with their own facilities to treat or pre-treat wastewater. Sites that are not equipped subcontract out their wastewater treatment to external service providers.

Since May 2014, the plant in Tangiers, Morocco has implemented a so-called methanation solution to pre-treat its wastewater via a biological treatment unit without adding oxygen. The facility improves the quality of the site's effluents.

The Tangiers treatment plant marks an important step toward improving the production site's environmental footprint. Built by Véolia Environnement, the treatment plant has benefited from a convention signed with the city of Tangiers as well as a subsidies from Morocco's Ministry of the Environment. It took 14 months to complete the construction of the 9,000-square-meter plant, which treats an average of 140 cubic meters of water daily. Three full-time, specially trained employees operate the plant and ensure a 24/7 presence.

For more information, please see the CSR Report