In France, Bel helps dairy producers cut their electricity bills

A study of electrical consumption at French dairy farms showed that:

  • - milk tanks accounted for 50% of consumption on average,
  • - water heaters accounted for 21% of consumption on average.

Since 2012, Bel has worked in partnership with France's Dairy Farming Institute on developing and using a tool called Cap'2Er. The tool helps assess the environmental impact of each dairy farm, notably the consumption of non-renewable energy and greenhouse gas emissions. The assessment then gives rise to customized recommendations that the dairy producers can implement with Bel's help.

The initiative was introduced to an initial group of French dairy producers in 2014, and will be promoted more widely in 2015. With the participation of France's Institut Technique, Bel has already conducted 40 dairy farm assessments, and 20 new assessments are under way.

Jean-Yves Houdayer, a farmer who operates Guiternière dairy farm in Mayenne, France, explained: "The assessment helped me identify different sources of energy consumption. The process, which is based on hard technical data, gave me a more detailed view of my consumption, particularly in terms of indirect energy usage. The analysis also enabled me to compare my data with benchmark data and other farms with systems comparable to mine. I was able to see the areas where I performed well and those where I can improve and save some money."

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