Leerdammer, 40 years of offbeat commercials

Leerdammer®, the famous cheese with holes, has been popular in Europe for over 40 years now. Here's a look back at the brand's success story:

  • In 1974, two Dutch inventors hit on the ingenious idea of making a cheese that blends mild Dutch specialty cheeses with the taste of Swiss cheese.
  • In 2002, Bel acquires the Leerdammer® brand.
  • In 2013, product diversification accelerates with the introduction of slices, re-sealable packaging and other innovations. Today, the slices format accounts for 70% of the brand's sales, with Leerdammer® the European leader in cheese slices.
  • In 2014, the brand celebrated its 40th anniversary and continued to expand in Europe, offering consumers new experiences like Leerdammer® snack cubes and Leerdammer® Raclette.

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