Leerdammer®, No. 1 in Germany

Germany is Leerdammer's® leading market, followed by France, where the brand is the second-ranking contributor to sales growth from the cheese shelf. Acquired by the Bel Group in 2002, the Leerdammer® brand has met with growing success in Europe not only because of its special taste, midway between Gouda and Emmental cheese, but also because its slices format is attracting a burgeoning number of consumers.

It now ranks second in sliced cheese sales worldwide.* That's not surprising considering that its format is particularly well suited to new consumption patterns emerging in Europe. Leerdammer's® innovation also stems from its click pack packaging, which ensures good taste and quality to the last slice, even after the pack has been opened. And with the launch of the snack range in Germany, the brand has entered into a new segment with high growth potential.

(*) In value terms - Nielsen 2013