RISE helps support distributors in the CSR process

Bel is convinced that by sharing its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) commitments with distributors, it helps accelerate local economic development and creates the best conditions for mutual growth. Accordingly, since 2013, the Group has been rolling out its RISE program aimed at helping its distributors in Sub-Saharan Africa implement their own CSR process.

A project team of around 10 people from Bel's marketing, sales, quality, human resources, legal affairs, and CSR departments outlined and have been leading the program. To improve efficiency, several approaches have been combined, including distributor training and awareness raising initiatives, making communication means available and creating a community to share CSR best practices.

In 2014, the partnership's first year of operation, the RISE program was focused on two key subjects for distributors and their stakeholders:

  • Employee work safety,
  • Consumer food safety.

From March to June 2014, nearly 300 employees were trained in personnel safety, and over 1,000 received food safety training.

For more information about the RISE program, please see the CSR Report