The three ingredients of Bel's success

Bel's growth strategy is built on its core brands development (The Laughing Cow®, Mini Babybel®, Leerdammer®, Kiri®, and Boursin®), innovation and team commitment. These three drivers have propelled the Group to third place in branded cheese worldwide*.

Backed by a daring marketing strategy, an in-depth understanding of local consumer habits and unique manufacturing expertise, Group brands continue to hold significant growth potential in both existing markets and new territories.

Growth is also generated by an innate sense of innovation that keeps product ranges evolving to meet ever changing consumer needs.

Growth is also driven by Bel teams, of course. Employee commitment is the backbone of the company's human resources policy, which encourages empowerment, skills development and an entrepreneurial spirit. It is this daring and enthusiasm — genuine Group signatures — that make all the difference.

* 2013 Zenith International Survey