With People First, Bel and its employees commit mutually

La planète BEL. Bel est un groupe français de dimension internationale

The Group's "People First" social charter states the basis for a tripartite commitment between Bel, its managers and employees, based on the four areas listed below.

  • Enjoy our workplace: Creating working conditions that make Bel a safe and pleasant place to work.
  • Empower everyone: Creating an appropriate work environment that enables all employees to contribute to the Group's success in an autonomous, committed and responsible way.
  • Share success: Implementing a competitive, fair and transparent compensation policy that enables employees, as the company's main stakeholders, to receive a fair return on the value they help create.
  • Grow together : Developing talent without discriminating, through experience and training, and encouraging a fulfilling professional career.

Attuned to the expectations and views of its employees, the Group conducts an international employee opinion survey every two years. The next one will take place in 2015.